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The Hellenic Education and Language Program (H.E.L.P.) is a not-for-profit, community-based initiative of the Hellenic Diaspora in America. Our program is open to all Hellenic community members, and does not reject applicants based on their inability to pay. Our purpose is to provide an in-depth Hellenic education in all subjects of learning, including Hellenic history, Hellenic language – both modern and ancient, mythology, music, Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, as well as knowledge of the contributions of Hellenism to the world throughout history.  

Our mission is to walk in the footsteps of our distinguished ancestors by providing an educational environment that is conducive to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. The need for Hellenism is evident in all areas and aspects of our lives, including first and foremost thinking critically, learning our cultural identity, community-building, as well as in economics, politics, science-and generally, in all walks of life. 

Our Philosophy

Our school's philosophy is firmly embedded in the pre-Christian Hellenic tradition, the rational scientific paradigm of our illustrious ancestors. We are improving the strength of our community and the quality of our lives through our relentless hope and steadfast determination for the future: our children. 

Our History

Hellenic Education & Language Program was established in 2010 as the first independent secular Hellenic program in Astoria. 

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